Globe Design

Guangzhou Different Blue Landscape Technology Development Co., Ltd is a tent manufacturer for create functional use for amusement and business purpose. The experienced sales and professional technicians allow us offering heartfelt service and good products. With re-usable, eco-friendly, movable, easy assembling structure, moreover, our tents enriches the modern spiritual life by perfectly combining business with fine art and unique design. 

Our products are extensively used in business area, public shopping center, backyards, park etc. Apart from UV protection character, the material also gives outstanding long-term protection from wind, rain, temperature and fire.

Adhere with the principle of Quality First, Prestige First; we had won the recognition and trust from our customers constantly. To us, these are more than just tents; these are pieces of art crafted for the landscape of our social life with passion and love.

We welcome to contact us for future business relationships and mutual success!

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The company's design team is composed of elite designers from various disciplines

Including: lighting design, home design, interior design, etc. We have a high-quality, skilled, young, professional, innovative team, we are committed to the art, landscape, technology
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